Party Bus Prices: How to Calculate Your Las Vegas Party Bus Rental Costs

If you’re planning a celebratory bash in Las Vegas soon, a party bus rental should be at the top of your planning list. Cruising the Strip or bar hopping downtown with your best buds in an exclusive party bus is an experience like no other in Sin City. But before you book your luxury ride, you’re probably wondering—how much does it cost to rent a party bus in Las Vegas? Party bus prices in Las Vegas depend on several factors, including the size of your group, type of vehicle, length of the rental, and extra amenities. Prices typically start around $160 per hour on the low end and go up to $300+ per hour for high-end party buses packed with plush features. To help you budget for your Las Vegas party on wheels, this guide breaks down what impacts the cost and provides average price estimates for common party bus rentals in Vegas.

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Party Bus Prices: How to Calculate Your Las Vegas Party Bus Rental Costs

How Party Bus Pricing Works in Las Vegas

Party bus rental rates in Las Vegas vary based on several key factors:

  • Vehicle size: The number of passengers a party bus can hold, which ranges from 14 passengers to 50+ passengers
  • Trip duration: Whether it’s billed hourly or by the day
  • Mileage: For trips outside the immediate Las Vegas area
  • Date and time: Weekends and peak seasons cost more
  • Add-ons: Extra customization like decor, catering, entertainment

To receive an accurate, all-inclusive quote from Las Vegas Party Bus Company 702-359-5374, our reservations team will need some basic details about your planned trip:

  • Number of passengers
  • Pickup and dropoff locations
  • Date(s) and time(s) required
  • Destinations and stops along your route
  • Any special requests or custom add-ons

With this information, we can match your group to the perfect party bus and provide an exact price for your rental. Quotes are provided free of charge, and there is no obligation to book.

Vehicle Size and Capacity

Party buses come in a variety of sizes, each designed to accommodate a different number of passengers. Bigger buses cost more because they require more fuel and take up more space at venues. Our fleet includes party buses across the spectrum, from luxury sprinter vans seating 10-15 people to high-capacity coach buses seating 50+. This allows us to accommodate any group size and every budget.

Trip Duration: Hourly vs. Daily Rates

In addition to size, the length of your party bus rental also impacts pricing. Shorter trips are charged hourly, while longer trips switch to more cost-effective daily rates.

Hourly Rates: For party bus rentals under 5 hours, an hourly rate applies. This is common for quick trips like bachelor/bachelorette parties, proms, bar crawls, etc.

Daily Rates: For longer rentals like weddings, multi-day trips, and out-of-town excursions, daily rates provide the best value. The cut-off for daily pricing is typically 5+ hours of cumulative use.

When requesting a quote, let our team know the full duration you expect to use the party bus so we can provide precise hourly or daily pricing from the start. Keep in mind you only pay for the time you use, with no hidden fees.

Mileage Costs for Destinations Outside Las Vegas

For party bus trips beyond the immediate Las Vegas area, mileage rates will apply. This covers the driver’s time and fuel for reaching pickup locations and far-away destinations. Common out-of-town trips from Las Vegas include:

  • Grand Canyon Tour: 273 miles roundtrip
  • Hoover Dam Visit: 32 miles roundtrip
  • California Coast Trip: 270 miles to San Diego, 500 miles to Los Angeles one-way
  • Phoenix/Scottsdale Night Out: 300 miles roundtrip
  • Zion National Park: 170 miles one-way

For trips over 50 miles outside the Las Vegas Strip, expect mileage fees ranging from $2.50 – $4.00 per mile, depending on the size of the vehicle booked.

Be sure to inform our team of all your planned stops (with addresses) so we can provide complete pricing, including any applicable mileage costs. For long-distance trips, multiple drivers may be required.

Seasonal Fluctuations in Party Bus Rates

Party bus demand fluctuates depending on the time of year, which leads to seasonal rate changes. When more travelers visit Las Vegas, rates increase due to higher demand.

Peak times with the highest rates in Las Vegas are:

  • Spring (March-May): Spring break, conventions, Cinco de Mayo, memorial day weekend
  • Summer (June – August): Pool season and warm weather draws huge crowds to Vegas
  • Fall (September – November): Excellent weather and conventions like SEMA

Off-peak times typically offer savings:

  • Winter (December – February): Lower tourism between holidays
  • July/Early August: Dip in travel when temperatures peak

Booking 3-6 months in advance locks in the best year-round savings. Last-minute planners should expect potential surcharges during peak weeks.

Compare rates for your specific dates when getting a quote. Let us know if you have any flexibility to save.

Day and Time Can Impact Costs

Along with the time of year, the day of the week, and the hour of your rental influence rates:

  • Weekends are most expensive, especially Saturdays
  • Weeknights offer savings for smaller parties
  • Shift times like late nights (after 10pm) and early mornings have lower demand

For lower rates, inquire about booking during off-peak days/times based on your flexible schedule. Just keep in mind the city’s energy shifts – weekday nights are better for laidback parties, while weekends bring the full Vegas experience.

Tips to Save on Your Las Vegas Party Bus Rental

Follow these tips to lower party bus rental costs in Las Vegas:

  • Book early – Reserve 3-6 months ahead for best rates
  • Travel off-peak – Avoid busiest seasons and weekends
  • Plan shorter trips – Hourly rates offer deals for quick rentals
  • Keep stops close – Limit mileage costs outside the city
  • Share costs – Split bill between all members of private group
  • Bundle services – Add on extras like photography for one price

Smaller groups should ask about available sprinter vans and mini buses to maximize savings. For the lowest rates on all vehicles

How to Book Your Las Vegas Party Bus

Booking your party bus rental with Las Vegas Party Bus Company takes just three simple steps:

Request a Custom Quote

Reach out to our team by phone at 702-359-5374 or request a quote online. We’ll gather details of your trip and group size to provide a detailed price breakdown. Quotes are provided quickly with no obligation to book.

Reserve Your Rental

Once your quote is approved, we’ll lock in your reservation. Just submit your contact/payment details online or over the phone to officially confirm your party bus booking.

Enjoy Your Ride!

At pickup time on the day of your rental, simply board your luxury party bus and let the good times roll! Your bus handles the rest – just sit back and enjoy Las Vegas in VIP style.

From bachelor parties to bachelorette bashes, weddings, birthdays, concerts, sporting events, and more – Las Vegas Party Bus Company has the ideal rides to make your Vegas celebration one to remember. Call 702-359-5374 or request a quote online now and let us take your group transportation off your plate, so the party planning can begin!

Examples Quotes For Vegas Trips

Bachelorette Party Bus

A weekend bachelorette bash in Vegas is always a hit! For Audrey’s big celebratory night out, her bridal party of 10 booked a 14-passenger party bus for a 5-hour rental on a Saturday night. The limo-style party bus with leather lounge seating, neon lights, and a premium sound system was perfect for their plans to indulge in Vegas’s legendary nightlife. Their rental started at 6pm with pickup from The Cosmopolitan, where the ladies were staying. They first stopped at a show, then hit the Las Vegas strip, hitting clubs like Omnia and XS Nightclub. The party bus cost $240 per hour, so their 5-hour rental came to $1,200 total plus taxes and fees.

Prom Party Bus

Jimmy organized an epic party bus night for his high school prom in Vegas. He booked a 22-passenger party bus for a 5-hour rental to safely transport his group of 20 to prom and an after-party. Their rental started at 5pm, which allowed time for photos around the Strip and at the Las Vegas sign before heading to Caesars Palace, where the prom was being held. After prom ended at 11pm, the party bus took the group downtown for a late-night buffet dinner at the Wicked Spoon, followed by bowling and arcade games. The 5-hour rental at $300 per hour came to $1,500 total. By splitting the cost between all riders, each person’s share was only $75 for a fun prom experience.

Bachelor Party Bus

When the guys planned a Vegas bachelor party for Dan’s last weekend of freedom, booking a party bus was a no-brainer. With a group of 14, they opted for a 20-passenger party bus for Dan’s big day. They started with a 10 AM pickup at the Excalibur Hotel where the group was staying, allowing ample time for a booze run before taking the bachelor to hit some bucket list items. At $275/hour, their 10-hour rental came to $2,750 total or just $197 per person.

Sports Event Bus

Frank planned a company outing for 25 employees to see a big Vegas Golden Knights game at T-Mobile Arena. Transportation needed to fit the rowdy group plus allow pre-gaming. He booked a 32-passenger party bus for 5 hours, starting with a 4pm hotel pickup, which allowed an hour to stock up on beers/snacks pre-game. At $250 per hour, their 5-hour rental was $1,250 total. Divided across 25 employees, each person paid just $50 roundtrip for a stress-free ride to the big game. They even had room left to pick up additional coworkers and friends with the large bus size.

Wedding Day Shuttle

Planning transportation for her Vegas wedding, Amy wanted peace of mind her guests could easily get from their Strip hotels to her ceremony and reception at Red Rock Country Club. She booked three party buses to serve as continuous shuttles for her 75 wedding guests, reserving 14, 22, and 32-passenger buses. This provided enough capacity while staggering pickup times at each respective hotel. The shuttles ran for 8 hours total starting at 1 pm to bring guests to the ceremony and back to hotels afterward. Buses were $175, $200, and $225 per hour, respectively, so the 8 hours came to $2,800 total, including taxes/fees. At $37 per guest divided across 75, transportation ended up being very affordable for the convenience it provided.